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Complete Publishing Package

With The Writing Mechanics Complete Publishing Package, you get:

  • Copyediting
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading
  • Cover Design
  • Book Promo Package
  • Reviewer Service
  • Publishing with The Writing Mechanic Publishing Collective
  • And a FREE Published Author Master Class*

=a one-time payment of $3,000

You'll get all the professional services you need from three experienced editors, your book will be published under our logo, you'll have direct and consistent communication with The Writing Mechanics during and after the publishing process, and you'll join our Facebook Tribe in our closed group where you can converse with us and with other authors like you who have worked with The Writing Mechanics.

All you have to do is upload your document draft and we will create a complete, published book!

Then, we work hard to sell your book.  You receive 100% of the sales up to $3,000. When you make your money back, we split the sales 60/40--60% to you, 40% to us--which gives us all even MORE reason to keep promoting your book!

*The Published Author Master Class contains all of the know-how and teaching Kathrin, Ethan, and Virginia have to offer for published authors.


  • how to set and stick to a writing schedule
  • how to find freelance editing gigs
  • how to write a good review for another author's book
  • how to optimize your author social media
  • how to streamline your marketing process
  • how to maintain a website that works for you
  • how to establish your online presence
  • how to find a writing group
  • and so much more!

PLUS! You'll learn how to write a review for other books published through the Complete Publishing Package and we'll pay you to read and review for us!

When you purchase the Complete Publishing Package (through PayPal), you'll be asked to create an account on Then, you can log on to your account and upload your document!

Book Editing & Marketing Services

Purchase any of our professional editing services (categorized by editor):

  • manuscript consultations
  • developmental editing
  • copyediting
  • book formatting
  • cover design
  • academic editing in religion/theology, philosophy & women/gender studies, or english/communications
  • book marketing
  • and more!

Meet the Mechanics


Kathrin Herr


Kathrin is the Founder of The Writing Mechanics and the "Head Mechanic." She is the combo managing editor, publishing package mastermind, and spiritual/religious studies editing specialist.

Services: manuscript consultation, book evaluation, developmental editing, copyediting, book formatting, cover design, academic editing: religion & theology

Random Fact: Kathrin is OBSESSED with National Parks & the conservation of public lands. Just visit her other website, for proof.


Virginia Atwell


Virginia is a First Mechanic at The Writing Mechanic. She is the author productivity expert and specializes in editing philosophy & women/gender studies academic writing. She is also a resume editor!

Services: author productivity coaching, academic editing: philosophy & women/gender studies, resume editing, copyediting, proofreading

Random Fact: Virginia is easily sucked into virtual reality video games. She knows they murder her productivity. But, eh? 🙂

Ethan profile 2

Ethan Zierke


Ethan is our First Mechanic in charge of book marketing + author promo. He is an English+Marketing Communications grad. Check out Ethan's book marketing package to take your book sales to another level!

Services: book marketing package, author social media, academic editing: english & communications

Random Fact: Ethan is all about those Haikus...which explains why he's a Twitter genius!